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The Conservation Professional Development and Training Program offers education and training programs on various aspects of on-farm conservation. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new employee, agency staff, co-op agronomist or private sector consultant, you will find many opportunities to improve your professional skills or achieve certification to reach out to a new customer base.

  • Effective, hands-on training that not only teaches, but shows you how to implement conservation on the land.
  • Time-conscious training that builds on skills you already have.
  • Cost-effective approaches that help you balance budgetary and staff professional development needs.

Training programs are available that assist professionals working to increase the knowledge base of the rural landowner/farmer. These curricula integrate a variety of educational approaches and incorporate system thinking as a way to deal with the interconnectedness of issues in agriculture and the environment on a day to day basis. The educational strategies for the training program reflect an individual's training goals with techniques integrated to match farm goals and situations while protecting the larger issues related to soil degradation and water quality. The skills necessary to manage an efficient farm are becoming more and more difficult to understand, assess and evaluate but are critical in their implementation. It is therefore essential to provide technical assistance in the formulation of systems that will be feasible, economical, protect the resource base and conform to agency policies and regulations.

These courses are open to all but are targeted for Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) employees, private sector consultants, co-op agronomists, Extension Staff, and other conservation professionals.

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